Epicor Software Corporation, a specialist in enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems for manufacturing, distribution, retail and services organizations, has signed four new partners in Africa as part of its channel development strategy in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The partners, who will be supported by Epicor’s “Inspired Partner Network”, include: Glenco Consulting in South Africa; Innovative Apps spread across eastern and southern Africa; Featherline Resources in Nigeria; and Bitz IT Consulting in Kenya and Somaliland.

To find these partners, Epicor focused on firms with existing ERP experience, typically with knowledge of the larger systems such as SAP, Oracle, Infor or some Microsoft solutions.

Zaid Glennistor, chairman for Glenco Consulting, detailed: “With the steady decline in sales of more costly tier-one applications in South Africa, we are shifting towards more affordable ERP solutions and we chose Epicor because of its robust offering and value for money.”

James Nganga, MD of Bitz IT Consulting, added: “As our business expands there is an increasing demand among our clients for proven ERP systems, and Epicor’s ERP is the perfect fit for our customers because it streamlines processes specific to the industries we serve.”

In particular, Epicor solutions are designed to deliver a rapid return on technology investments for customers while challenging and often, surpassing tier-one functionality.

On this point, Andy Imafidon, managing director of Featherline Resources, noted: “The ERP market in Africa is set to grow as midsized companies and government look to technological muscle, and Epicor’s lower cost of ownership makes it a very attractive choice amongst astute decision makers.”

Benefits of the arrangement include improved margins, assistance in implementation and sales cycles, and ongoing educational, technical and business development services.

“Epicor offers solutions that our team can implement in shorter timeframes,” said Nishi Sharma, director of Innovative Apps. “Coupled with the support we will receive from Epicor this gives us total confidence that we can implement both small- and large-scale projects.”

On the philosophy behind the channel strategy, Johani Marais, Epicor’s channel manager for Africa, added: “Epicor ERP is designed to offer extensive flexibility, usability, and agility. We don’t want a large channel with resellers that compete against each other, but targeted partnerships that are either domain or vertically driven or specialised to cover certain geographic areas.”

He added: “Epicor’s structured enablement program is designed to help the partners to identify and win the right opportunities and provide a high standard of services to customers in order to grow their own businesses and in turn increase our footprint in EMEA.”

Epicor Software Corporation has over 40 years of experience serving small, medium and large-scale enterprises, and today has more than 20,000 customers in over 150 countries.