Saahtain Foods, with logistics and distribution provided by Dubai Charity Association, has sent 15,000 ‘ready-to-eat’ meals to West Africa as part of a UAE Food Aid programme, and on behalf of one of its leading clients.

Ahmed Mohammed Mesmar, secretary general of Dubai Charity thanked Saahtain Foods for choosing Dubai Charity to distribute the meals — “an effective way to provide Halal food aid.”

“It is not only a health and food crisis, but a poverty crisis. Getting food nutrition to the needy at this time in an affordable and effective way is very important for sustainable food aid. We are glad that our MREs do exactly that,” said Adeel Khan, CEO of Saahtain Foods.

The Ebola crisis has affected 28 million people in West Africa, and the United Nation’s World Food Program has noted that food prices have risen by 24% in the three worst-afflicted countries.

Saahtain Foods is the region’s first company to make 100% halal, nutritious meals in ready-to-eat pouches using NASA technology to preserve the food. It services a wide customer base of humanitarian, emergency and relief agencies globally in this sector, and also supports individual donors and corporates in their philanthropic and CSR efforts.

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