Rolls Royce Motor Cars, through its regional office in Dubai for the Middle East and Africa, is pushing ahead with the May launch of an official franchised dealership to bring models of the luxury auto-brand to Nigeria, and has indicated Coscharis Motors as its preferred partner.

The news was disclosed in Lagos to the motoring press by Geoffrey Briscoe, the company’s Dubai-based regional director, who highlighted that Rolls Royce premium cars are coming to Nigeria to wet the appetites of the country’s super rich for top-of-the-range luxury products.

He further noted that Rolls Royce has maintained “a very credible track record of building cars that are unique and relevant for every market” and that this could well lead to the production of specific lines for the market based on Nigeria’s environmental conditions.

Accompanied by Ayman Ghanem, GM for Rolls Royce Africa, Cosmas Maduka, president and CEO and Josiah Samuel, group MD, Geoffery Briscoe added that part of the decision behind the selection of Coscharis was based on its attitude, reputation and passion for luxury cars.

Cosmas Maduka, president of Coscharis Motors said the dealership would also allow existing owners of Rolls Royce in Nigeria to bring their cars for servicing in order to restore further confidence in the vehicles in the context of professional handling by well-trained technicians.

Maduka assured prospective customers to the dealership that the purchase of a Rolls Royce represents a surer investment than with other auto-brands, and that this additional value should also be taken into account when considering the total cost of ownership.

Briscoe added that the local workforce at Coscharis Motors has been extensively trained locally by Rolls Royce automakers and will continue to receive technical back-up from Dubai and the United Kingdom for both new models and the 200 brand units already on the roads.

He did, however ruled out the possibility of officially-distributed armoured models in Nigeria, noting: “We don’t armour our cars and at Rolls Royce: Although we have had cases of some dealerships in some parts of the world doing that for their customers, we don’t endorse it.”