Emaar Properties, a leading Dubai developer, has unveiled three “gracious and majestic” life-size and life-like statues of Arabian camels in Downtown Dubai by Donald Greig, a South African gemmologist by training, but now renown as one of Africa’s most prolific sculptors.

The trio of camels, including a standing adult and its calf and another figure resting, weighs in at 800kg, with each camel as tall as 3m, 1.9m, and 1.3m, respectively. The piece was originally sculpted in clay before being moulded into silicone, wax and finally bronze.

Ahmad Al Matrooshi, MD at Emaar Properties, noted that, “the gracious and majestic Arabian camel is a reminder of our past and a cue of how significantly the city has evolved. Donald Greig’s Camels is a seamless fit into Downtown Dubai’s collection of sculptures and artworks from around the world.”

The process of creating the original sculpture in clay is said to have taken eight months. The wax copies were each dipped in 15 layers of ceramic and topped off with the molten bronze in a process taking another four months, followed by chemical applications to the bronze.

Camels is the latest in a series of art installations commissioned expressly for the Downtown Dubai area, which has previously displayed Vincent Da Silva’s Life Size Andalucian I (a horse).

Greig added: “I look forward to viewing Camels in the heart of this magnificent city, which, in my mind, is home to some of the world’s greatest engineering and architectural feats of the 21st century.”

Downtown Dubai’s collection of sculpture also includes: Colombian Fernando Botero’s Horse 2007; Kuwaiti Sami Mohamed Al Saleh’s Al Sidra (free-form); Syrian Lutfi Romhein’s Together (a couple); Spaniard Xavier Corbero’s Gathering (10 figures); Korean Jaeyho Lee’s Chorus (a 15m column of wood and steel); and, South African Vincent Da Silva’s Rhims Gazelle Herd Edition 1.