Altaaqa Global, a Dubai-based interim power provider, has opened a branch in Nairobi to cater to the ready market for backup and emergency power among industrial companies and operations, as well as other potential clients, in east African and IGAD markets.

“The business activities in the East Africa region are flourishing and the economy has been thriving throughout recent years, resulting in an increased demand for power,” explained Peter den Boogert, GM of Altaaqa Global.

“Our industry is driven by emergency needs and hard deadlines, but uses equipment that requires substantial lead times to acquire. Our new branch will enable us to reach this region faster than before and be on the ground as quickly as possible.”

With the combined fleet of Altaaqa’s sister company in Saudi Arabia under the Zahid Group, it has approximately 1,400 MW in rental power readily available to deploy in the region.

Steven Meyrick, a board representative of Altaaqa Global, commented: “We now have the capability to provide power plants running on various fuels, including natural gas, LPG, flare gas, diesel, dual fuel composed of 70% gas and 30% diesel and, very soon, heavy fuel oil.”

Majid Zahid, the strategic accounts director of Altaaqa Global, added that East Africa had a promising economic outlook within the energy and engineering sectors, and that the new office would provide the region with the very latest interim power generation technologies.