Botswana and Saudi Arabia are working on strengthening bilateral relations with a view to exploring the potential of the southern African country’s oil sector with Saudi expertise.

Upon the recent presentation of the credentials of Abdullah Al-Madhi, Saudi Arabia’s new ambassador to Botswana, to President Ian Khama in Gaborone, the diplomat revealed that Saudi Arabia was already seriously considering investment in the oil industry in Botswana.

He explained: “My country is looking forward to paving the way for some Botswana entrepreneurs who could be interested in the oil business industry.

“We are also willing to facilitate oil business owners based in Saudi Arabia in exploring the possibility of establishing oil businesses in Botswana,” he added, noting that investment would come as one of the ways of boosting the two countries economic ties.

Al-Madhi’s efforts to tighten relations between the two countries relationship date back to 2007, when he was part of the discussion surrounding the establishment of scholarships for Botswana students to come and study in Saudi Arabia.

Sudanese ambassador Hamdan Dlodoom, also presented his letters of credence to President Khama, added that Sudan was also considering possible business ties between the oil industry in his country and Botswana, and the possibility of future exploration investment.