Dubai’s Xtouch Electronics Trading has launched its products in the Kenyan market with its range of affordable smartphones devices that it believes will appeal to the Kenyan youth, and purports to now be the fastest growing mobile brand in the Middle East and Africa.

As the market for smartphones has progressed, as many Kenyans have been upgrading to smartphones, high quality smartphones have often remained inaccessible, and Xtouch has focused on this market niche by providing high quality devices at as little as $70 (Ksh 6,000).

“We are sure that we will achieve success in Kenya. We keep our eye on the most advanced technology in this field and launch the latest products to the market – our customers will never fall behind when it comes to technology,” said MD Robert Liang.

“As a young and dynamic company in this industry, the only way for us to survive in this fierce competition is continuous innovation and value for money.”

Xtouch is also the first firm to have entered the Kenyan market with a smart watch, which it is similarly hoping to target at the youth for sports and lifestyle purposes. The company’s full product range also includes tablets and other intellectual ‘wearables’ and smart devices.

Xtouch had reached its current position in Africa, with a branch office in South Africa and a presence in Nigeria, Uganda and Tanzania, after only two years in the market, and Liang asserts that his company’s mobile brand is the fastest growing in the Middle East and Africa.

Redington Kenya Limited will distribute the Xtouch products in Kenya as well as across East Africa. Also based in Dubai, Redington is already the largest electronics distributor in Middle East and Africa and provides Xtouch with access to a diverse network of retailers in the region.