Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation, established by the vice president of the UAE and ruler of Dubai, has signed an agreement to build the a high school in Addis Ababa, and its second such project in the country, as part of its education programme within Africa.

The plans follow the announcement of a similar project to build a high school in the Nafas Salak area of the capital that began in March and which is to be complete by February 2015.

Mohammed Obaid bin Ghannam, secretary-general of the foundation, told Khaleej Times that the more recent school, worth $563,411, will be located in the Ayat Laka area.

“The premises consist of a ground floor and four typical levels, including 20 classrooms, a building for administration, and two laboratories, along with all necessary facilities,” he said.

Ibn Ghannam added that the school will have a built-up area of 5,000m2 in the capital and will include advanced laboratories for science and computers, as well as a library and a hall for teachers.

“The Al Maktoum Foundation will furnish the two schools, and dedicate a special budget for them both,” he continued, noting that both schools should open by the next academic year.

Al Maktoum Foundation dedicates around 60% of its budget, a sum of $16m, to projects abroad.

Recently, it also began the distribution of 4,446 sacks of wheat, to refugees from Darfur South Kordofan and White Nile region now in South Sudan, and central African evacuees, as well as the building of 10 water stations at a total cost of $272,000 and due by the end of the year.

In all, Al Maktoum Foundation has reached out to over 60 countries with its humanitarian initiatives since its inception in 1997 – efforts which Ibn Ghannam summarised by saying:

“Al Maktoum Foundation has so far built 40 secondary schools, colleges and universities in Africa, particularly in Somalia, where over 1,500 students are studying or have graduated.”