What were the main drivers behind Samsung being involved with this year’s CIO summit?

One of the things we’re very keen on is to be close to the industry, in particular the CIO’s, making sure they know what they can offer to the industry and how that can affect the efficiency of how they do things. For us, the CIO summit represents a good opportunity to address a wide range of CIO’s from across the region.

Samsung has a broad range of products – which markets are you most interested in reaching with the GCC?

At this particular summit, we’re interested in the corporate side of the business. Being one of the leaders in the consumer arena gives us the advantage of knowing very well how consumers like to buy their products and what features they like to have, so that gives us an edge in hitting the ground running and knowing what to offer the end users.

From a corporate point of view, can you mention some of the initiatives you’ll be pushing in 2015?

There’s a clear trend for all products becoming ‘smart’, so we’re enabling businesses and governments with smart technology. The other area we really want to address in 2015 is display. Enabling display in a range of environments from board rooms to arena’s, is something we believe we have a cutting edge in.

Where do you see your strengths as a corporation in the market?

We believe we have a good consistency in the technology we offer. We would consider ourselves as an innovative company that provides cutting edge technology to the market.

One of the topics covered in today’s conference was the importance of speed, in terms of both improving processes as well as ensuring existing services function at optimal performance. What is Samsung doing to support this fast-paced demand?

We’re very proud and privileged to announce products that are world firsts to the region, so we tend to think of speed in terms of delivering the latest technology to the market first.  We tend to lead in many different areas, while being frequently challenged to innovate further, mainly by our customers.

The IDC conferences will be running in eight locations up until September – what message would Samsung like to deliver to the audience and delegates of these conferences in the coming months?

Keep watching for new technologies.