The 9th edition of the annual Abuja International Carnival has received global acclaim, and was attended by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as it ran from November 24-27 in Nigeria.

The Gulf State was one of three intercontinental participants alongside Trinidad and Tobago and China, while Africa was represented by Egypt, South Africa, Gambia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Equatorial Guinea, Namibia, Cameroon, Senegal, Kenya, Ghana and Niger.

The carnival first took place in 2004 to mark the centenary anniversary of Nigeria and has now become an annual fixture staged in the nation’s capital.

Edem Duke, Minister of culture and tourism, noted that the participation of Trinidad and Tobago was a special event as Nigeria would like to maximise the creativity and enterprise of Nigerian and African youth by modelling its carnival after that of the Caribbean nation.

Nyahuma Metuhotep Obika, High Commissioner of Trinidad and Tobago, appointed a 23-man delegation led by Dr Lincoln Douglas, Trinidad’s minister of art and multiculturalism, including 21 members of the country’s street orchestra.

The group organised an opera as an associated activity at the four-day events, performing alongside dancers from Benin City at the pre-carnival party in Abuja on Friday November 22.

In addition, the Caribbean country presented 26 costumes and men and women’s wears to the Minister Duke for use during the 2014 carnival.

The Ambassador of China was represented at the event by Cultural Attaché, Jin Honyue, who noted that the Abuja Carnival is a platform to bolster Chinese-Nigeria cultural exchanges, while China sent dancers and magicians to Abuja for the events.