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Qatar commits $88m for critical activities in Darfur’s refugee camps

Doha backs Khartoum on commitments made under the 2011 Darfur peace deal brokered by Qatar, and the $3.6bn pledges made in Doha

Top 10 deals between the GCC and Sub-Saharan Africa, Q1 2014

Gulf Africa Review presents the top ten most valuable transactions between the Gulf states and Sub-Saharan Africa this quarter

Qatar envigorates Sudanese archaeology with record $135m donation

Doha provides the largest tranch of funding in the history of Sudanese antiquities, paving the way for resurgent cultural dignity and tourism

Kuwaiti fund facilitates $48m loan for Sudan mineral research project

KFAED director-general signs agreement with Sudan finance minister to fund mining sector data capacity for the exploration of Sudan’s reserves