1. Internet of things backend as a service

There are billions of devices that are connected to the Internet, not just restricted to mobile devices, but for cars, thermostats, and drones. 2015 will be a year of high value creation for CIO’s.

  1. Cognitive/ Machine learning as a service

Prescriptive analytics is already a $1 billion industry in 2015. Whether in healthcare, education, and more broadly customer service, this is an area that will act as a catalyst for innovation.

  1. Data as a Service/ Value–added content

80% of new apps are data-intensive – CIO’s will be advised to encourage taking raw data, enriching it and creating value added content.

  1. Find (and connect to) the next killer apps

Having visited a number of venture capital companies, I found that 90% of the new apps will be above the 3rd platform. The important question to ask is, which apps are coming up in my industry and should I be partnering or buying these companies?

Frank Gens’ essential guidance for the innovation stage

  •      Speed up – the 3rd platform is expanding at an exponential rate.
  •      Integrate the innovation accelerators into your strategy
  •      Follow the apps, in particular the new ones

·      Redefine your role: industry centered innovation is defining the next wave of business